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Now you can shop & donate your AHLAN REWARDS pointS to QATAR Charity.

Qatar charity and Rawabi Hypermarket have launched a charity loyalty programme that allows the Rawabi customers to continue to contribute the points earned on every purchase at Rawabi/Grand outlets and donate points to Qatar charity to support community service and humanitarian action both inside and outside country.

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How to collect points

It is simple, just produce your card at the time of your purchase, and the cashier will scan your card and complete the billing. The points will be credited to your card immediately.

What do you get for the points you collect
Points Prize
1000 Qr. 50 Voucher
2000 Qr. 100 Voucher
4000 Qr. 250 Voucher
How and when to get your prize
(Redemption of points)
  • You can redeem your points to get the prize on the basis of the above qualification criteria
  • Redemption of points for the prize is possible only from 10th to 15th of every month.
  • Cumulative points (collected-redeemed) in the customer's account as at the end of the previous month would be available for redemption in the current month. For example, points available as of 31st January will only be available for redemption from 10th to 15th of February or in the succeeding months.
  • Once you redeem your points for a prize, equivalent points would be deducted from your total points available as of that date.
  • This program ends on 31.12. 2023, All the points that are not redeemed as of 31.12. 2023 can be redeemed from 10th to 31st of January 2024. Redemption of points will not be allowed after 31.01. 2024 the points that are not redeemed by this date will be canceled.

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